Attention UPMC subscribers

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted many families and businesses, causing unprecedented changes to our daily lives. Governments adopted many new measures which impact all industries, including the dental industry. Regulations have been passed to set new standards of care across all dental offices in order to protect patients and healthcare workers alike.

At Blake Dentistry, we demand from ourselves and our business partners absolute commitment to the greatest quality and value of services to our patients. Unfortunately meeting these objectives while partnering with UPMC under the current provider contract is no longer possible. Due to the new COVID-19-related regulatory mandates and the associated cost of care, our current UPMC agreement is no longer sustainable without taking things away from our patients like time, quality materials, unbiased clinical choices, American made prosthetics, and proper safety equipment and disinfection protocols.  

We refuse to place our patients' well-being secondary to contractual obligations.

Therefore, pursuant to our agreement with UPMC, we inform you of changes to our provider contract with UPMC. Starting on September 1st, 2020 we will no longer be considered a contracted “UPMC Dentist”.

Please rest assured - this DOES NOT mean that you need to find another dentist - you will be able to use your UPMC plan in our office.

We will continue to file claims and obtain predeterminations for your treatment making your appointments easy and convenient as always. We do not anticipate changes to coverage and benefits for most of our patients. While some exceptions exist, our transparent business practices allow us to identify them ahead of time and communicate with you if this change affects you.

UPMC will send a letter to all subscribers which will emphasize the importance of "in-network dental care". Should you receive such a letter, please understand that insurance companies focus on their "financial bottom line" without regard for quality of care rendered by providers, pressuring patients to switch to in-network providers. In-network UPMC providers will find it increasingly difficult to treat patients without leveraging volume-based dentistry, aggressive treatment planning, "upselling", limiting patient's access to the doctors, hidden fees, and disregarding patients' time. Some will choose to adapt and adopt such business practices. 

We choose to stand by our belief that there are no substitutes for care, compassion, and quality. 

Keeping this in mind, we understand that choosing a dental provider involves many complex factors, including finances. If you would like to transfer a copy of your dental records to another provider, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.  Please also consider our in house membership plan (QDP) which provides significant benefits without the limitations of traditional dental plans.   You can find that information under the "Financial Options" tab listed under QDP.

If you have questions regarding this update, please call us at 814.274.7262 or send us an email using our online contact form. 

Thank you for choosing Blake Dentistry as your dental care provider!

Dr. Blake