Post Op Instructions

Post Op Instructions

Crown Post Op

Instructions Following Delivery of Your Crown

  1. The cement is already set and your restoration(s) is ready for immediate use.
  2. You may experience some minor discomfort for the first few days following your treatment. This should diminish gradually over time.
  3. If you have been given an anesthetic, this should wear off in a few hours. Please be careful not to bite your cheek or tongue. Also, do not eat or drink anything extremely hot or cold until the numbness has completely worn off.
  4. The bite should feel normal when the anesthetic wears off. If it doesn't, it NEEDS to be adjusted. Please call and we will schedule a short appointment. If sensitivity to hot, cold or biting pressure persists longer than one week, please call our office for a follow-up evaluation.
  5. The tooth will look natural in color, so you may not be able to notice the restoration.
  6. Do not chew any extremely hard or crunchy foods with your new restoration. (Ice, hard candy, etc.) Also, do not bite anything with your teeth that can damage them such as fingernails, paper clips, pens, etc.). Anything that can damage your natural tooth, can damage your restoration.
  7. We recommend professional maintenance and evaluation at least twice a year unless otherwise advised by Dr.Blake and his team. If you have had a periodontal (gum disease) problem in the past, you should see us up to four times a year.
  8. Proper care includes BRUSHING and FLOSSING daily. Proper maintenance will not only prolong the life of the restoration but it will also help to prevent problems elsewhere in your mouth.


Congratulations!  You have just received the most advanced, state-of-the art dental care available!

We are pleased that you are as committed to high-quality dentistry as we are and it is our privilege to provide this service for you. Please call us at 814-274-7262 if you have any questions. At Blake Dentistry we care about you and want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Congratulations on a healthier you!