Improve Your Smile

Improve Your Smile

Same-Day Crowns

Getting a crown, inlay, or onlay was a big, complicated, multi-appointment, messy production in the past.  The patient would need to allow for a preparation appointment so the tooth to be restored could be adjusted or “prepped” to accept the restoration.  Then the gooey, gluey impression material would come out, so that models of their teeth could be made.  After that, the patient would be fitted with a temporary plastic crown to wear for the week or two that it took for their permanent crown to be made at the lab.  A second appointment was needed in order to get the crown, inlay, or onlay permanently placed in the mouth.


These days, Blake Dentistry has adopted a streamlined process featuring the PlanMeca Fit® system.  We can produce your restoration and have it permanently cemented in one visit.

Benefits of the Planmeca Fit® system are:

  • One visit
  • No gooey impression
  • No temporary.  Your permanent ceramic restoration will be delivered to you on the same day
  • All done with a quick computer laser scan of your mouth.