Post Op Instructions

Post Op Instructions

Implant Post-Operative Instructions

Instructions following Implant procedures

A dental implant has been placed in your mouth. The implant may be located above or below the tissue. This type of implant has been selected for your situation because of the bone available to place an implant. The implant will usually take a period of three to six months to heal; depending upon your body’s healing properties and the type of implant surgery.

Usually you are able to wear your present partial, denture, or flipper, if applicable. Sometimes it is necessary to leave it in the night of the surgery. It is important to keep the appliance as clean as possible during the healing period. Please ask the doctor if you have any questions.

Every consideration must be given to keep the surgical site clean and free of food particles.

NO SMOKING! Smoking is to be avoided for the time specified by the doctor. Smoking increases the heat in the surgical site and significantly lowers the body’s ability to heal the site.

AVOID these after surgery: alcohol with post-operative medications, commercial mouth rinses and very hot fluids.

Gentle rinsing of the mouth should be started the day after surgery. Frequent gentle rinsing with lukewarm salt water will aid the healing process (add one half teaspoon of salt to a 6oz glass of water). You may also be provided with a chlorhexidine rinse (Perioguard).  Rinse gently with this 3-4 times per day the first week after surgery but do NOT swish or gargle.  Avoid the use of a water-pik tooth brush.

Bleeding: A small amount of bleeding following surgery should not alarm you. If the bleeding is excessive or continuous, please call us at once. Vigorous rinsing of the mouth prolongs bleeding by removing the clotting blood, so when rinsing your mouth, do it gently.

Diet: Following surgery it is best to restrict your diet to fluids and soft foods for the first day. Normal diet may then be resumed the following day, but you will want to avoid chewing on the implant site until the tissue is completely healed. Soft foods such as Jell-O, pudding, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and soups are suggested. If you have difficulty chewing, try blenderized foods or diet supplements such as Carnation Instant breakfast and Ensure.

For Women Only: Do not breast feed for 12 hours if you were sedated for surgery. If you are using oral contraceptives, please note that antibiotics and other medication may interfere with their effectiveness. An alternative form of birth control should be used for one complete cycle of birth control pills after the course of antibiotics or other medication is complete

Full Denture Patients: For the first few months following surgery, you will need to be on a soft diet where the implants were placed. Foods such as pudding, applesauce, scrambled eggs, soft flaky fish, pasta and casseroles are recommended. The soft diet can last as long as 2-6 months. Your surgeon will advise you regarding how long you need to continue the soft diet.

IV Site: If medication was given intravenously, you may have some tenderness or bruising around the site of injection. Moist heat (warm, we cloth) or dry heat (heating pad on low heat) to the area the next day will help to ease any discomfort.  If IV sedation was used for your procedure, you cannot drive a car for the remainder of the day.

NO drinking through straws or any other item creating suction within the mouth.  The use of a straw creates negative pressure in your mouth and will tend to loosen the sutures and removes clotting.

Numbness: Due to the local anesthetic, there may be numbness in the surgery site that may last 6-8 hours.

Pain: A certain amount of pain must be expected with all types of surgery. An appropriate pain medication has been prescribed for you. Please take it according to the directions. It is advised that you do not drive while taking the pain prescription. However, if only Ibuprofen or Tylenol is needed, most people can drive without a problem.

Partial Denture Patients: Chew foods only in the areas where you have natural teeth remaining. Do not chew hard food in the area of your implants for as long as 2-6 months. Your surgeon will advise you regarding how long you need to continue the soft diet.

Post-Operative Implant Hygiene: The first year following placement of your implant, oral hygiene maintenance will be required every 3 months to 6 months as directed by your dentist.

Swelling: Some swelling and minimal bruising is possible and is to be expected. IT IS NOT UNUSUAL. In most cases, swelling can be prevented/controlled. Apply the ice pack that has been given to you for a period of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off during the day for the next two days. The application of ice to the outside of the face over the surgical area will minimize swelling. If after five days you still have unusual swelling or pain, please call the office.

Stiches: The stiches used will dissolve in 7-10 days following surgery. It is not unusual for small pieces of sutures to come out prior to this time. If the sutures need to be removed, you will be notified, and an appointment will be made for you. Avoid playing with your implant or caps with your tongue.

Implant Follow-Up: We will see you for the periodic check-ups until the implant has healed. This is usually for a period of one to four months, depending on your implant surgery. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ANY TIME, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT (814)274-7262