Post Op Instructions

Post Op Instructions

Nitrous Oxide Pretreatment information

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Dr. Blake has recommended nitrous oxide anxiolysis to facilitate you (or your child’s) dental treatment.  Here is some important information:

  1. The patient cannot eat within four hours of the appointment
  2. If the patient becomes ill, call to reschedule
  3. There is no guarantee Nitrous Oxide will be effective
  4. Vital signs may be monitored with a pulsoximeter
  5. A risk of serious side effects exists, but is very small.
  6. Vomiting may occur if the patient eats too soon before the appointment.  Vomiting creates the potential for aspiration, a serious respiratory complication.  Therefore, no food or drink less than four hours before the appointment.
  7. All dental team members are trained to handle an emergency.

A separate fee is charged for each Nitrous Oxide appointment.  Many insurance companies do not reimburse you for this expense.

Kindly give at least 48 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment.

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